Before You Invest, Investigate.

Venture Capital, Private Equity, Hedge Funds and Merger & Acquisition firms hire CS Business Screen to conduct Due Diligence Background Checks on Companies & Individuals as part of important business transactions.

“To discover facts and uncover truth, due diligence is necessary.”

CS Business Screen is a leading-edge provider of due diligence and business relationship background checks. We combine innovative technology and uncompromising human effort to provide an efficient background screening process you can depend on.

We can start working with you almost immediately.

Due Diligence Background Checks Help your Organization:

– Identify Deal Killers
– Evaluate New Investments Opportunities and Partners
– Conduct Pre-investment Reviews
– Protect Your Brand and Reputation
– Vet Owners, Executives, & Partners
– Reduce Business Risk and Liabilities
– Stay Compliant with Regulations And KYC /AML Rules
– Identify High Risk Parties Before They Impact Business
– Protect Your Company from Financial Loss
– Evaluate International Individuals & Companies

Examples of What We Uncover For Clients:

– Criminal Convictions

– Civil Litigation
– Negative Media / Social Media
– Government Sanctions Enforcement Actions
– Class Action Settlements

– Fraud & Bankruptcy Cases
– Judgments & Liens
– Regulatory Violations
– Breach of Contract Cases, Collections of Debt, Civil Rights Act Violations, Trademark Violations, Class Action Settlements & More!

We highly recommend CS Business Screen!

“By far the best background check experience we’ve had. The process is simple, the platform is user friendly and our account executive has always been prompt. They have even uncovered items that have saved us from a bad deal! Looking forward to continue working with CS Business Screen.” 

Anonymous Client in Private Equity