You may think you’re safe from identity theft or fraud because you live off the grid.

In other words, you’ve taken all the steps to stay private:

– You don’t go online or use social media

– You shred every personal document that comes into your home or office

– You challenge any authority who asks for your personal information

But unless you started at birth, it’s too late to prevent your information from going public. Functioning in the daily world requires everyone to hand over at least some personal data.

There are public records that you cannot avoid. Such as vehicle registrations, voter records, property ownership, and property tax records. There are also magazine subscriptions, health club memberships, alumni directories, retail rewards cards, etc.

The fact is, there’s no such thing as off the grid.

So how is this lack of personal privacy a good thing for your business?

Well, there are lots of people staying off the grid for malicious reasons.

For example, a person may try to hide their identity during a background check. This person changes the year of their birth, or supplies a deviation of a Company or School name, so their negative records are hidden.

Fortunately for businesses, it’s possible to spot this fraudulent attempt (thanks to those unavoidable public records keeping us on the grid.)

Specialists, like CS Business Screen, are trained to utilize this wealth of public information and verify an identity before any negative business decisions are made.

How does CS Business Screen verify an identity?

Before running a background check, we confirm that any information the subject provided is correct. We do this by using many of the public records and resources available. 

We then address any discrepancies that could lead to an inaccurate report. By going this extra mile, our clients are confident they’ll get the whole story behind a candidate.

Even if the subject is attempting to stay “off the grid.”

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